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Davenport Leadership Program

Susan F. Davenport Leadership Program

The Susan F. Davenport Leadership Program provides Randolph students with an opportunity to learn and build attributes that have long been associated with leaders: self awareness, communication, critical thinking, self confidence, initiative, motivation, conflict management, goal setting, working in teams, and problem solving. Named in memory of Susan Funkhouser Davenport '69 the program helps students to understand the connections between their academic work, their social and co-curricular choices, and their participation in community service.

The Davenport Leadership Program is guided by these important values:

  • All students, not just those who hold formal leadership positions, are potential leaders.
  • Leadership is collaborative.
  • Leadership is a process rather than a position.
  • Service to the College (through student organizations) or to the community is a powerful vehicle for developing a student's leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Leadership is concerned with effecting change on behalf of others and society.

The goals of the Susan F. Davenport Leadership Program are to provide students with opportunities to learn about leadership, to increase students' confidence in their capacity to lead through hands-on opportunities, and to motivate students to take on leadership roles in our College community and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to create leaders who can make a difference in their careers, their communities, and throughout their adult lives.

What will I get out of the Susan F. Davenport Leadership Program?

Confidence By participating in workshops, simulated activities, facilitating activities, mentoring other students, and serving the community, participants build their skills over time in an environment that supports growth and development as a leader.

Tools for Leading: You will develop communication, facilitation, organizational, conflict management, problem solving, project management, and motivational skills through attending the Student Leadership Challenge series, workshops sponsored by the program, or by being selected to participate in the annual Davenport Leadership Institute.

Community Interaction: During the Davenport Leadership Institute, you will have the opportunity to meet with various community organizations and agencies in the Lynchburg area. As part of our first-year orientation program, Davenport Leaders, first-year students, faculty and staff take the time to serve in a volunteer capacity on a special project. You might choose to continue the connection throughout the year or explore additional opportunities for service through the One for Another volunteer website.

Networking: You will have the opportunity to meet alumnae and local leaders through workshops and special dinners.

A Career Advantage: Leadership skills are life skills. Potential employers love to see that an applicant is distinguished as a leader and will be impressed that you had the drive to improve your leadership abilities.

New Friends & Fun: By taking part in the variety of Davenport activities available, you will develop connections and friendships with other students on campus and enjoy a break from your usual routine!

For more information please contact Tina Johnson, Director of the Experiential Learning Center, at or 434-947-8116.