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Our Faculty

Randolph professors are scholars with a passion for teaching. They don’t just stand behind a lectern and talk at you. They involve you in your education through lively classroom discussions and hands-on learning activities.

Randolph professors are mentors. They’ll help you navigate your college career and make decisions about life after graduation through one-on-one advising sessions and accessible office hours.

Randolph professors are leaders in their fields and in your life. You’ll work with them on research projects, professional presentations, and independent study programs.

At Randolph, you’ll always be taught by a professor, not a teaching assistant. And since our student/faculty ratio is 9:1, and our average class size is 12, you’ll get to know your professors well—and they’ll get to know you.

Why not get started now? Browse our faculty profiles to find out more about these great mentors we call faculty.