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Adult Degree Students

We believe learning is a lifetime process. Students of all ages, of all backgrounds and experience, from all over the world come to Randolph College's adult program because it meets their needs. We serve adults who are returning to finish a bachelor's degree, changing career paths, and pursuing graduate study. Adult students at Randolph College earn the same degrees and receive the same quality education as every student on campus. 

Our academic program is founded in the liberal arts. Our academics at the undergraduate level and our coed graduate programs in education will prepare you to make solid career choices. Your education at Randolph College will give you the flexibility to transition to many different careers.

Explore our course information to see how classes can fit into your schedule. Our Student Financial Services Office can help you make college affordable. We can help you learn more about student life on campus.

Schedule a campus visit to see how Randolph fits your life. For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 800-745-7692.

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