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Student Athlete Mentor (SAM) Program

Giving your absolute best is a College tradition. And for student athletes, that means giving your best both on the court and in the classroom—no easy task. Such determination can sometimes lead to pressures and problems that only other student athletes can understand. That's where the Athletics Department's Student Athlete Mentor (SAM) program can help.

Elected by their teammates, SAMs serve as peer counselors and intervention specialists and assist the Athletics Department in promoting issue of health awareness and education. They are specially trained to recognize signs of potential problems in their teammates, and more importantly, what to do when they see them. Whether they are counseling a peer through a difficult time, mediating a disagreement between teammates, or coordinating educational programs of specific interest to their team, SAMs make a commitment to be a reliable, trustworthy support network for their teammates and others.

The SAM program at Randolph is constantly improving. Each year, a number of student athlete mentors travel to the Athletic Prevention Programming and Leadership Education (APPLE) conference where they work to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of the mentoring program at Randolph and gain valuable insight from their peers at other institutions.