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Our Traditions

At Randolph, we have a serious thing for silly traditions. Nothing brings generations of Randolph alumnae and alumni together like the shared experience of sneaking out late at night as a first-year to decorate the entire campus or shouldering a hundred-yard chain of daisies as a graduating senior.

In our 115 years, we’ve assembled an impressive list of much-loved annual rituals, and we’re excited about adding many more. Here’s a quick list of some of our most famous (and infamous) traditions:

  • The Even and Odd Rivalry: If your graduating class ends with an even number, you’re an Even. If it’s odd, you’re an Odd. If only it were that simple… First-years and juniors team up against sophomores and seniors in a friendly (if loud) year-long competition that ends every spring with Bury the Hatchet.
  • Pumpkin Parade: Sophomores present seniors with wildly-decorated Jack-o-Lanterns during Family Weekend.
  • Even Day or Odd Day: First-years spend all night decorating the campus as a surprise for the upperclassmen, then wake everyone in a 10-mile radius with a stampede of Stomps.
  • Senior Regalia: Seniors attend certain formal events such as opening convocation and pumpkin parade wearing funny hats and black graduation robes which are personally decorated with buttons, patches, pockets, etc. Hats range from the simple and relevant to big and outrageous as students try to outdo their classmates.
  • Buttons: Throughout their four years at the College, students collect buttons to eventually display on their senior robes. Buttons are produced to commemorate or promote various events, clubs, or programs and are handed out to participants. Every collection is unique and represents that student's personal journey.
  • Ring Week: Getting your treasured class ring is a big deal here. So we build the anticipation with a week full of fun as first-year students shower you with small gifts and decorate your doors. Ring Night includes a special dinner for juniors, a scavenger hunt, and other festivities.
  • Serenades: Equally as important as studying for your classes is studying the Randolph songbook. How else are you going to out-scream your rival classes during a Skeller Sing?
  • Formal Occasions: We don’t need much of an excuse to get dressed up, hang out and have a great meal. Maybe that helps explain Founder’s Day, Declaration Day, Holiday Dinners, Ring Night and the Senior Dinner Dance.
  • The Greek Play: Founded in 1909, the biennial performance of a traditional Greek drama in the College's outdoor amphitheatre is a much anticipated event.
  • International Flags: Randolph students come from 44 different nations and we celebrate our increasingly global campus by hanging the flags of each of these countries in the hallways of Main Hall, and on special occasions, in the circle in front of campus.
  • The Honor Code: No tradition stands taller than the Honor Code, which requires students to abide by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The system is so strong that the College grants Randolph students the privilege of scheduling their own unproctored final exams.

The beautiful thing about traditions is that there’s always room for a new one. What’s your Randolph tradition going to be?

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