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Student Organizations & Clubs

Whether you’re passionate about conservation, love the arts, or are totally into political activism, you’ll find a place where you can belong at Randolph College. With more than 40 groups ranging from academics and honor societies and special interest groups to service organizations and intramural sports, you can be as active as you want. And if we don’t already have a club or organization that matches your interests, we encourage you to start a group of your own. Check out the clubs and organizations that fit your life:

Arts Council
The purpose of the Arts Council is to be a cooperative, student-run organization that facilitates collaboration between students and faculty of various academic disciplines in order to promise an understanding of and appreciation for the literary, performing, and visual arts. The ultimate aim of this organization is to enhance the performance opportunities and community involvement in the arts on and off campus.

Black Students Alliance
The purpose of the Black Students Alliance (BSA) is to

  • provide a community for minority and non-minority students to establish an understanding of the basic ethnic and cultural differences among minority groups on campus and to provide a sisterly atmosphere among black students.
  • provide educational activities that address minority concerns on campus and offer a better understanding of issues facing black students.
  • provide social activities for the enjoyment and relaxation of club members and non-club members and network with students from nearby colleges and universities.
  • provide an opportunity for all club members to participate and interact in the Lynchburg community and engage in community service projects that will better serve the black community of Lynchburg.

The purpose of Bridges is to support, unite, and build the self-esteem of the lesbian, bisexual, questioning, and supportive women and men at Randolph College while focusing on a greater understanding of the issues and struggles faced by the homosexual community.

CAUSE: Caribbean Ambassadors to U.S. Education
The purpose of C.A.U.S.E is to actively promote an understanding of Caribbean culture on the Randolph College campus, as well as to provide a medium through which Caribbean students may have fellowship through regular meetings, an annual Caribbean week in the fall, and a Caribbean-style carnival in the spring.

Directed by a Assistant Professor of Music Randall Spear, participation in the Chorale carries academic credit. The Chorale's performances include the Christmas Vespers Program and the Spring Concert. In recent years, Chorale has performed at a number of community events and has traveled to other cities to perform for alumnae chapters and other groups.

Circle K
The purpose of Circle K is to

  • serve the Lynchburg and Randolph College communities and national charities,
  • provide a means for social interactions among the members,
  • cooperate with the administrative officers of the institution of which the club is a part.

Club Asia
The purpose of Club Asia is to promote awareness and understanding of Asian ethnic and cultural variety among members of Randolph College community and beyond. The club helps build stronger relationships as well as foster the exchange of information between Asians and those interested in Asia through social meetings and educational events.

College Republicans
The purpose of the College Republicans organization is to promote the principles of the Republican Party among the students of Randolph College, to recruit members to the club and to the Republican Party, and to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government. The group also works toward the development of political skills and leadership among Republican students as preparation for future service to the Party and the country.

Dollars and Sense Club
The mission of the Dollars and Sense Club is to expand our knowledge of business and economics, both in the theoretical and practical contexts, enhance student-to-student and student-to-faculty interactions, and to keep students informed about jobs, internships, and graduate school options in the field. The Club members accomplish their mission by networking with alumnae, large corporations and other similar clubs, having various social events and a weekly lunch table, making presentations, having lively discussions, going on field trips, inviting guest speakers, and encouraging members to make innovative suggestions.

Environmental Club
The purpose of the Environmental Club is to focus on environmental activism issues within the Lynchburg community and on the national level. It also provides community service opportunities that have an environmental focus.

The purpose of the Etas is to promote Even Spirit and the interclass rivalry with the Odds by participating in events on campus such as Even/Odd Day, stomps, Skeller Sings, and other activities.

First-Year Class
The First-Year Board takes the lead in organizing and implementing class business, including traditions and fundraising. The main traditional events in which the first-year class members are involved include Ring Night and Even/Odd Day.

FMLA (Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance)
Concentrates on establishing a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals, such as social, political, and economic equality for women and men, girls and boys.

Food and Justice Club
Encourages the campus to think about what they eat and how it affects local and global interests.

French Club
The purpose of the French Club—Le Cercle Francais— is to promote study of the French language and the study, knowledge, and understanding of Francophone cultures. The French Club seeks to achieve these goals by sponsoring activities such as the weekly French Table in the dining hall, as well as trips, movies, lectures, and other events relevant to the French language and Francophone cultures.

The Gammas promote Odd Spirit and the interclass rivalry with the Evens by participating in events on campus such as Even/Odd Day, stomps, Skeller Sings, and other various activities. Their colors are red, gray and blue.

Hail, Muse! Etc.
The goal of Hail, Muse! Etc. is to provide an outlet for original poetry, prose, artwork and photography by members of the Randolph community. The magazine is printed each academic year, and there is an annual public reading given of works from the magazine.

The Helianthus is Randolph College's yearbook.

Humans vs. Zombies
HVZ is a modified game of tag and survival which takes place over several days. The club runs sanctioned Humans vs. Zombies games on campus - usually one per semester. Learn more...

The purpose of Ichthus is for Christians of all denominations to come together in friendship and fellowship.

Junior Class
The Junior Class Executive Board takes the lead in organizing and implementing class business, including traditions and fundraising.

Macon Activities Council
The purpose of the Macon Activities Council (MAC) is to plan, sponsor, and promote a diverse calendar of events for the students of Randolph College. The board members work as a council with the student committees to provide students an opportunity for entertainment and activities both on and off campus.

Maier Museum Docents
The purpose of the Maier Museum Student Docents is to promote the Maier Museum of Art on campus and in the Lynchburg community through educational programs and museum tours.

The purpose of Melpomene is to organize and facilitate the annual production of the Greek Play and to further the appreciation of ancient drama.

Model United Nations
The purpose of the Model United Nations is to

  • conduct model sessions of the United Nations.
  • advance participants’ understanding of the principles and means by which international peace may be maintained, and advance participants’ ability to communicate their knowledge to others.
  • develop a greater understanding of the nations of the world, the relationships between them, their policies, and the nature of their work in the United Nations.
  • achieve, through study and participation, an understanding of the purposes, principles, structure, and procedure of the United Nations.
  • use the knowledge of the ideals, goals, political views and philosophies of the member states, not only to emulate or represent the country based upon its past performance in the United Nations, but also to seek new solutions within the Charter of the United Nations and the known policies of its countries.
  • be an institution for the coordination of actions of Randolph College students in the attainment of these ends.

Pan World Club
The purpose of the Pan World Club is to promote better understanding and closer relations between international and American students and among students from various national and ethnic groups. Pan World presents entertainment and food from various ethnic cultures with the community at the Pan World Coffeehouses. Pan World Club seeks to improve cultural awareness on campus through discussions, trips, and other cooperative activities.

Pre-Law Society
The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to help prepare students for law school, to help inform students regarding the law school application process, and to facilitate communication between law school applicants and current law students, faculty, and administration. Activities of the Pre-Law Society may include mock LSAT symposia and other activities at which law school admissions counselors and practicing attorneys will be present.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club sponsors activities of interest to students of psychology.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
The purpose of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club is to promote understanding and awareness of the science fiction and fantasy genres as entertainment.

Senior Class
The Senior Class Executive Board takes the lead in organizing and implementing class business, including traditions and fundraising.

A club for Africans and people interested in Africa to promote cultural awareness about the African continent and provide a platform to discuss social, political, and economic issues concerning Africa.

Social Violations Hearing Board
The Social Violations Hearing Board is responsible for hearing cases involving potential violations of College policy not covered by the Honor Code. The Social Violations Hearing Board considers testimony related to violations and is authorized to issue sanctions for violations.

Society of Physics Students
The purpose of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) is for the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of physics. SPS encourages interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities and introduces students to the professional community. The Randolph College chapter of SPS has created a community of those who are interested in physics through group activities such as Movie Night and field trips. SPS has no requirements and is for anyone who is interested in physics.

Sock and Buskin
The purpose of Sock and Buskin is to encourage intelligent interest in drama and in the art of theatre through the presentation of plays. The purpose shall further be to make dramatics a vital factor in the life of the College.

Songshine is traditionally a baker’s dozen of a cappella singers from the Randolph College student body. Auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester.

Sophomore Class
The Executive Board and the Sophomore Class Council are responsible for coordinating class events such as fundraisers, traditional events, and service projects. The main traditional events in which sophomores are involved are Pumpkin Parade in the fall and Daisy Chain in the spring. The class officers and council members are expected to be role models for class spirit and participation.

Spanish Club
The purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote the study and understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture and language. These goals are realized through the organization of trips, speakers, Spanish films, and campus events designed to introduce students to Hispanic foods and customs. Members are encouraged to use and improve their Spanish language abilities, but membership is not limited to Spanish speaking students.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee
The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) serves as a representative body for Randolph College athletes in all matters pertaining to athletics and acts as a liaison between student-athletes and the Athletics Department. Within the Randolph College community, the group promotes women in sports and coordinates community service efforts between student-athletes and faculty in order to improve intersport relations.

Student Government Exam Scheduling
The Exam Scheduling Committee is responsible for all logistical support for the student-run exam procedures at Randolph College. As an important feature of our Honor System, students at Randolph College are given significant authority over the times and dates they choose to take their final examinations. The Exam Scheduling Committee assures that the system remains student-run, fair, and efficient.

Student Health Advisory Board
The Student Health Advisory Board provides information to the Randolph College community regarding both physical and mental health issues. The Board works closely with the health and counseling center staffs to examine the needs of the Randolph College community. Among the activities of the Board are information dissemination, speakers, and programs on health related topics.

Student Virginia Education Association
The purpose of SVEA is to promote interest in educational careers and to strive for higher standards of teacher preparation. The group provides opportunities for local, state, and national membership in the SVEA. The club works interactively with the community and encourages members to attend conferences and lectures related to educational issues.

The Sundial
The Sundial is the Randolph College student newspaper.

Builds a partnership of Muslim and non-Muslim students who subscribe to and manifest the traditional, universal values of Islam: unity, tolerance, compassion, peace, sisterhood/brotherhood, and respect for others and their traditions.

University of Reading – The World in Britain
Randolph College maintains a campus at the University of Reading where students from Randolph College and other colleges live and study. The students at Randolph College/University of Reading maintain their own Judiciary Board, Social Violations Hearing Board, and other governance functions according to the model established at the Randolph College campus in Lynchburg.

To educate singers in all aspects of a college a cappella ensemble, including music selection, composition, arranging, direction, rehearsal, and performance.

WWRM is the Randolph College radio station. The purpose of the WWRM is to provide the Randolph College community with a media source, to give students an extracurricular option that introduces communications, and to provide students with news and events occurring at Randolph College. Listen to the Worm online at

Young Democrats
The purpose of the Young Democrats is to promote involvement in the Democratic Party and to encourage participation in the political process locally, nationally, and internationally.