Apply as a First-Year Student

**Randolph College Admissions is extending their application deadline to December 31st


We’ve described the Randolph admissions process in Getting In: A Guide to Admissions at Randolph (PDF).

Apply online for admission with the Common Application.  When you log in to your Common Application, search for "Randolph College" on the "Search for Colleges" page and send us your completed application.

Keep an eye on our important dates and deadlines so you get your application in on time. Our SAT code is 5567 and our ACT code is 4388.

Randolph College offers two different admission options:

  • Early Action (non-binding): Apply by December 1 with notification of your admission status by December 15. If you want to apply for our full tuition Presidential Scholarships, you must apply by December 1.
  • Regular Decision: Apply by March 1 Students will be notified of the admissions decision by April 15.

While you’re waiting for our answer, come visit the campus and learn first hand why it’s such an exciting time to come to Randolph.

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Office or your admissions counselor for help.