Apply as a Home-Schooled Student

Randolph College welcomes home-schooled students whose experiences and perspectives will enrich our community. Applying to Randolph as a home-schooled student is essentially the same as applying from a traditional high school. Just follow these easy steps. Questions? Contact us.

1. Complete the Common Application for Undergraduate College Admission.  The application fee is $35 (non-refundable).   Be sure to check our deadlines to make sure you submit the application on time.

2. There are two ways you may submit your transcript:

3. Ask a teacher or guidance counselor to fill out a recommendation form for you. Be sure to note at the top of the form the date by which you would like it returned to the Admissions Office.

4. Send us your SAT I or ACT scores. Our SAT code is 5567, and our ACT code is 4388.

5. Submit a personal statement or graded writing sample with your application.

6. Fill out a financial aid application and take advantage of our generous need-based grants. Your admissions application automatically qualifies you for merit scholarships.

That’s it! While you’re waiting for our answer, come visit the campus and learn firsthand why it’s such an exciting time to come to Randolph.

After you have completed all home-schooling course work, re-submit an official transcript from your home school association or the Randolph College Official Home School Transcript form with the curriculum approved through your local school board.*

* If necessary, the Admissions Office may ask for additional test scores or other documentation, such as a General Education Diploma and/or portfolio, to supplement the regular application requirements.