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Internet on Campus


From the red brick wall to the Maier Museum, the entire Randolph College campus has wireless coverage utilizing 802.11a,b & g and in some spaces, n.


All dorm rooms are equipped with Internet capability. Each dorm room provides two Ethernet ports for wired connection.


As a student you will be given a Randolph College Gmail account, which you will have for life. Your email address will be your username followed by The initial password for your Gmail account can be found on the Information Technology introduction letter you received in the mail. You may access your Gmail account by logging on to the Randolph College portal then clicking on the envelope icon on the top right corner, or you can go to and enter your full email address ( and your password.

Mapping Network Drives

As a Randolph College student you have an allocated space on our server called a network drive, home drive, or “H” drive. This space is intended for you to be able to save your work in a secure location and is available to you on any lab computer or by mapping it to your personal computer while on campus. Your network drive is backed up every night, so your documents are safe and sound.

Aside from your personal network drive you all so have access to our media drive and the academics drive. Both of these network drives are used to share documents between faculty and students. See instructions below on how to map these drives to your personal computers.

Computer Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your computer is important. The better you maintain your computer, the longer it will last, the faster it will run, and the less likely it is that you will get a virus.


Randolph College Gaming

Randolph College is pleased to announce that we now have gaming computers in the Student Center. There are 6 computers equipped with state-of-the-art CPUs, graphics cards, 23 inch 1920x1080 monitors, keyboards, mice, and headsets. They are located on the second floor of the student center. Installed on them are League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Starcraft 2, and other games may be added as they become available. Also available are two Xbox 360 systems with Kinect and a Wii system. Wireless controllers and some games for these systems are available at for loan at the Reception desk in the first floor lobby of Main Hall.

Personal Gaming

All gaming devices (wired or wireless) must be registered with the Randolph College IT Help Desk using the form at the link below. Users must provide full contact information and the gaming console's MAC address (Ethernet hardware address) and IP address when registering a device; check the device manual for instructions on how to find this information.

All dorm rooms are equipped with at least two network ports for student use. The user is responsible for purchasing his or her own Ethernet cable.

Computer Labs

Randolph College has 4 large computer labs and several smaller computer labs across campus. Labs are generally open 24-hours a day when classes are in session. All labs have printers for student use and several of them have scanners as well (please see lab locations for more information). Lab computers have the full Microsoft Office Suite installed, as well as other academic software you may need to complete your course work (please see the program list for more information). Please note that these computers delete all locally saved files every night, to retain your work, you must save to your network drive, or a personal flash drive.


We have 10 printers available for student to use, and students can print from any lab computer. Students can also print from their personal computers to any of our lab printers via Web Print; our web based print system. Click the link below for instructions on using the WebPrint system.
At Randolph, students are allotted a paper balance each semester. Your paper balance is based on your academic year. If you deplete your paper allotment you can always purchase more by visiting the Business office. See links below for further information about printing on campus.

WordPress: Create Your Own Website

During your time at Randolph you may be asked to create a website for one of your classes. Randolph College provides each student with a web space of for his or her own use. WordPress is a simple, but effective website development tool. Learn more about WordPress by selecting a link below.