Chinese Studies Minor

Learn Chinese in and outside the classroom

China has quickly become an important economic and political power in the world, and many companies and government agencies need employees who can communicate fluently with people in China. Through its Chinese Studies minor and Asian Studies minor, Randolph College offers students the opportunity to become proficient in speaking Mandarin and gain skills in reading and writing Chinese.

The College provides five levels of Chinese language training, as well as courses that give insight into Chinese culture, society, and politics. Students learn the language more quickly thanks to individual attention in small classes, as well as many chances to use the language outside of the classroom. The Chinese Culture Club hosts many activities such as holiday celebrations and tai Chi practice.

Each student is given a weekly conversation session with trained native Chinese tutors so they can perfect their conversation skills, and additional tutoring is available for those who would like it. Once each week, Chinese students and faculty eat lunch together in the cafeteria at the Chinese Table and practice speaking Chinese. Students may also participate in Chinese language research with faculty and present their research at conferences.

Summer Study

Randolph College has a distinctive summer marketing internship program which places selected students in positions with Energizer Holdings, Inc in Shanghai, where they use their Chinese language skills to work with colleagues. This internship allows students to gain first-hand experience in the Chinese business world.

The College also will help students find study abroad, summer Chinese language programs , and work abroad opportunities that will help students accelerate their language learning.

For study abroad and other opportunities to learn Chinese, students can use their RISE Awards which support students in pursuing academic projects. Financial aid can also be available.

To find out more information, contact Kun An , professor of Chinese Studies.