Make Your Mark!

by Lee Nutter '13

In order to encourage student participation in the philanthropic traditions of Randolph College, the Annual Fund held the "Make Your Mark!" campaign this year. It kicked off on October 17, 2012, and more recently caught the attention of students again during its January 15 reboot. Focusing on the opening of the newly renovated Student Center, the campaign sought out student contributions to the Annual Fund.

Student Meredith Humphreys '13 says, "Having worked with the Development Office and Annual Fund for almost four years now, I recognize its importance to the school and our community."

"All of these wonderful pieces of our campus landscape were only possible through donations and gifts from people just like my classmates and me," says student Cameron Hall '13, "so why not put my best foot forward to do my part for those that follow me?"

The Annual Fund worked with senior Stormy Clowdis, who crafted a painting of the Red Brick Wall that student donors signed. The College is currently displaying the painting in the Student Center but will soon send it to the Maier Museum to be added to the collection.

Hall says, "I see the value in dedicating my time to such a cause when I look around campus at all of the names on the buildings and landmarks I interact with every day."

"It's hard to pinpoint what inspired me to give," says Humphreys. "I had great role models who showed me how important it is to give back now. My parents instilled that philanthropic quality in me as a child. If you give back now, it becomes a routine and you will continue to give after graduation."


"Red Brick Wall" by Stormy Clowdis '13