Stewardship Luncheon

To see how beloved the College is, one only needs to look at the great number of alumnae, family, and friends who have given so generously to help fund the dreams of its students. Motivated either by their own personal experiences in these halls or the cherished experiences of their parents, children, or significant others, these supporters have endowed scholarships and provided other special interest donations that are a testament to the influence R-MWC and Randolph College have had on thousands of lives.

The College honored these generous donors during the spring at the 2012 Stewardship Luncheon, which also kicked off the Fourth Symposium of Artists & Scholars . In addition to providing a way to thank alumnae and their families for their continued support of the College, the luncheon also connected current students who are the beneficiaries of these endowed scholarships with their benefactors. Many of these students used the opportunity to get to know these donors. They learned about their lives and R-MWC experiences and shared their own areas of study and plans for the future. A few even planned future lunch dates to keep the conversation going.

After a welcome address by President Klein, Katelin Shugart-Schmidt '10 offered a heartfelt account of her time as a student at Randolph College. Now a graduate student at Virginia Tech, Shugart-Schmidt said she was more prepared than many of her frazzled classmates when her graduate studies began. She was recently honored with the Virginia Tech Graduate Woman of the Year Award and attributed her undergraduate education with her continued academic success. Shugart-Schmidt told the group that she would not have been able to attend Randolph had it not been for an endowed scholarship:

Support forms the foundation of our community, for without it many of us would not have been able to attend. I was fortunate enough to be a Lindner Scholar, and many of my friends also benefited immensely from the financial support of alumnae and friends of the College. I want to thank each and every one of you that can be with us today.

After the luncheon, attendees  lingered before heading to the Symposium. There was a palpable sense of pride in the room as donors and students shared pride in Randolph College and its exceptional students.