Passport Program

Develop, Orient, Introduce, Explore, Participate

It's your first year at Randolph College. It may seem like you've landed on another planet, or perhaps you feel like you've come home, but either way, the Passport Program is your guide to success at Randolph.

What happens if..'re feeling adventurous? Create a Wildcard! If there is an event that you would like to attend, and it's not already on the Event List, you can request to have it approved. Write a justification of why your event should be included and assign it to one of the four Passport categories. Submit your request to Event requests must be submitted two weeks before the event date. lose your passport? Prepare to beg for mercy. Just kidding. Your name is on the inside of your passport, so it cannot be used by any other student. Check with Switchboard to see if someone turned in your passport. If your passport refuses to be found, contact Kim Sheldon at for the possibly of a replacement. forget to bring your Paw Pass and passport to an event? Stop. Don't Pass Go. Don't Collect $200. If you don't have your passport stamped at the beginning of every event, you won't get credit. If you forget to swipe your Paw Pass at the end of every event, you won't get credit. Basically, don't forget! don't attend six events per semester? No excuses! You will not pass that portion of the program. If you fail either the fall or spring semester, you will repeat that semester during your Sophomore year. Let's be honest, who wants to be in a First Year Program as a Sophomore? leave an event before it's over? No credit! In order to receive credit for a Passport event, you must stay for the duration of the event. If the event is going to conflict with something else in your schedule, for example, homework, practice, dinner etc, plan on attending a different event to receive credit. There are approximately 60 events on the Event List, so you have plenty to choose from.

...your Passport reflection receives a "does not meet expectations" grade? Revision! you will have the privilege of rewriting your reflection. You may be required to visit the Writing Lab. Tutors cannot write your reflection for you, but they are masters at providing tips for brainstorming, proper grammar usage, citation methods, content cohesion, and other areas that may be give you trouble. forget to complete/turn in the required reflections? Failure! Each of the 5 Toolkit events, and all of the IC-C and IC-A events, have a required reflection. Each reflection is due two weeks after the accompanying event. Submit your reflections to Moodle. If you don't want to fail the program, don't forget to turn in your reflections. Piece of cake!