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Legacy Links

A program to honor our heritage and connect your children with Randolph College

Age-appropriate gifts for your child or grandchild at birth, and at 5, 10, and 15 years of age.

A tradition that started many years ago with a card from the Association to congratulate alumnae families on the birth or adoption of a child has been expanded. The Legacy Links program was rolled out in the fall of 2011 with special gifts and information sent to legacies of alumnae and alumni.


Legacies are recognized with a
bib at birth, a picture puzzle at five
years old, a Future WildCat T-shirt at 10 years old, and a Randolph College keychain at age 15.


When your legacy takes an admissions tour as a prospective student, she or he may choose a special gift from the Association.


If you would like to include your child in the Legacy Links program, contact Jen Brestel, 434-947-8102 or jbrestel@randolphcollege.edu
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