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A selection of titles featured in the latest issues of the Bulletin

Musta Notta Gotta Lotta Sleep Last Night
Wendy Hundere Parnell '88
Rocket Star Press, 2010, hardback, $14.95

Little Buddy Brown, who does not get enough sleep because of his cat, has a crazy day that's full of surprises. With its 32 pages of rhyme and repetition and fun and memorable characters like Cool Rockin' Loretta and Billy the Kid inspired by the music of Joe Ely, this illustrated storybook reminds both adults and children, of the importance of a good night's sleep.

Musta Notta Gotta is the first book for Wendy Hundere Parnell '88 who is also the owner of Rocket Star Press, the book's publisher. "Because of the book's special music connection with legendary Texas musician Joe Ely, I have sold books at record stores and concerts where normally books don't sell well." Wendy explained. "When there's a palette of books the size of a Smart Car in your garage, you are more than a little motivated to sell and find ways to sell." Wendy has sold thousands of copies through independent book stores and music and music-specialty stores, as well as at schools and libraries and non-traditional book retailers like local grocery stores and neighborhood pharmacys.

Wendy's in-person presentations to school-age children are given in her pajamas, as "she musta notta gotta lotta sleep," and are entertaining, educational, and motivational. She delivers a message to students of affirmation and can-do attitude to believe in yourself, your dreams, work hard, and don't give up.

These Things I Have Spoken Unto You
Edith Wasden Schwartz '60
Indigo Publishing Group, 2009, paperback, $16.*

"During my college years I began a search for happiness and fulfillment," states Edith Wasden Schwartz '60 in chapter two of her first book, These Things I Have Spoken Unto You. As the story of her spiritual journey unfolds, we learn that Edith completed her degree in English, married and had a picture-perfect life as a community volunteer and mother of four active sons, and an historic home in Macon, Georgia filled with beautiful furnishings, yet she was unfilled.

One night in 1969 in searching, soulful prayer, she surrendered control to God, and was born again. She listened for God's reply. It did not come immediately. Gradually, through faith and continued prayer, she recognized His reply as the "things" in life that God had shown her through the years.

Wonderfully sequenced and gracefully written, These Things I Have Spoken Unto You recounts the fulfillment Edith gained by sharing her love of God and by viewing life experiences as they parallel scripture-and the lessons God has revealed to her.

Edith has lead Bible studies for nearly 40 years and teaches in various churches in Macon. She is the president of Fields of White Ministries and ministers throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Under the Juniper Tree
Edith Wasden Schwartz '60
Sphinx Publishing, 2010, paperback, $18.*

Edith's second book, Under a Juniper Tree, is a collection of her most treasured Bible teachings, nicely paired with personal reflections and anecdotes. There are chapters on fear, worry, anger, waiting on God, false pride, forgiveness. Edith is a master at expressing how these Bible teachings apply to things in life that constantly beset us. The title is apt-derived from the Old Testament story of the Prophet Elijah, who fled from the Jezebel's threats, and nurtured and restored his faith in God under a juniper tree. Edith allows the reader to see the juniper tree in their own life.
*both books can be purchased by contacting Edith Wasden Schwartz directly: edithschwartz@att.net, 478-471-0745

Get Hired! A Recruiter's Formula to Land Your First Job After College
Written by John Lepley
Edited by Meredith Wells Lepley '92
Morris Publishing, 2009, paperback, $14.95

A corporate recruiter for nearly 20 years, John Lepley, provides answers to students who want to move successfully from college into the work force. A student will learn exactly what to engage in every year through college that will dramatically increase their marketability to an employer upon graduation. For those just graduating from college, Get Hired provides clear-cut answers on each facet of the job-hunting process along with detailed interviewing strategies that will empower a new graduate to attack the job market with confidence instead of panic and frustration.

This 66-page handbook is among the tools available in Randolph's Experiential Learning Center and is highly recommended reading for Randolph students and young alumnae and alumni.

Nemours-A Portrait of Alfred I. duPont's House
Grace Gary '76 and Dwight Young
Rizzoli, New York, 2011,
hard cover, $40.00

With striking photography and detailed descriptions, this elegant coffee table book is a treasure and a historical documentary of the design, construction, and expansion of Nemours, the 20th century family estate of Alfred du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. The skill of the designers, the craftsmanship in the late 18th century style estate is a testament to Alfred's personality, diverse interests, and ingenuity. Grace Gary '76, executive director of Nemours Mansion and Gardens, oversaw the award-winning three-year restoration of the estate and the construction of a new visitor's center.