From the President

Randolph College will never forget its past as Randolph-Macon Woman's College.

During Convocation this year, alumnae presented class banners to representatives of each class currently enrolled at the College. The banners depict the College seal and the class year and are now displayed along Main Hall corridor. That ceremony was intended to foster class identity and class pride.

But it did more.

As the alumnae handed the banners to the students, it was as if they were handing a part of the College’s past to its current generation of students. These links between our past and our future are vital to who we are as an institution.

Each year, a class of students graduates and leaves the Red Brick Wall, while a new class of students joins our community. Our alumnae and alumni leave behind something valuable when they head into the world. They leave pieces of themselves, the marks they have made on the fabric of life here and on our history.

On this campus, there is no shortage of reminders— both tangible and intangible—of these students and of our illustrious history as Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. For 120 years, our students have shared their talents, passions, and love of learning with this community. They have left behind traditions, clubs, organizations, and ghost stories, along with physical reminders like the layers of paint on the Even Post and Odd Tree, their artwork, their writing, and many more memories.

Current students walk on the Chilhowie bricks on front campus, they decorate the statue of General Jones, they earn scholarships created by our alumnae, they meet and share memories with our alumnae and alumni, and they find that same sense of community and passion for learning that has long been the hallmark of our College.

As the world changes, and new generations of students enter our gates, they will pick up where our alumnae and alumni left off, carrying forward traditions and also making this College their own. These new students bring new ideas, fresh enthusiasm, and qualities that remind us that the core values of this institution endure. They will leave their own unique marks on our College, and the circle will continue.

Randolph College will never forget its past as Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. This link between past and present will ensure that who we were remains an important part of who we are today, and who we will become in the future.

Vita abundantior.

John E. Klein |