Green IT!

Information technology initiatives

Computers are an integral part of our lives, and it is therefore important to reduce their impact on the environment to a maximum.

The Information Technology (IT) Office at Randolph College strives to conform to environmentally sustainable practices.

After switching its 50 physical servers to only three physical servers managing 50 virtual ones, the college reduced its annual energy cost by $30,000, and the virtualization process also allowed for an overall reduction in energy consumption (press release here).

Another decision that was implemented campus-wide concerned switching the default font on school computers. By opting to Century Gothic, the college reduced its ink consumption by 31% compared to Arial (press release here).

Finally, the IT department at Randolph College strives to purchase energy star and EPEAT-registered electronic equipment to minimize its energy use, and also make sure to recycle every outdated or broken electronic equipment. It does not only keep toxic chemicals out of the landfill and streams, it also bring in back some money.

Randolph College's CIO, Victor Gosnell, can be contacted at