The Great Railroad

Sylvia Tropp '12 traveling back from New York City - Picture by Mariah Reed '14

The City of Lynchburg is very fortunate to be served by the Crescent and the Northeast Regional Amtrak routes trains that easily transport students to Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, New Orleans and points beyond. Randolph College is located a mere 10 minutes' ride from the station, making it very easy for students to take the train. In fact, as soon as exams are over, the Amtrak cars leaving Lynchburg feel like the "Hogwarts Express" with Randolph College students filling many of the train seats as they return to their families for the holidays.

But why wait till exams are over? For as little as $20 and a comfortable 3 hour 30 minute ride, Randolph College students can spend a day or a weekend in Washington D.C.. All trains are equipped with large business seats, a food car, and electric plugs for charging cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Coffee at the White House, anyone?