Public Bus

Air Conditioned and Hybrid GLTC Bus Driving through Downtown - Picture by Mimansha Joshi '14The bus stops here! The Lynchburg Public Bus system, as known as the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC), runs two hybrid and air-conditioned buses by Randolph College every 15 minutes in one direction or another.

The City of Lynchburg generously subsidizes a portion of the costs associated with the local public bus system. As a result, passengers can comfortably ride the bus for $2 per ride + free transfer.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to downtown Lynchburg and the Farmers' Market, 15 minutes to get to the co-located Amtrak train and Greyhound bus stations, and less than 20 minutes to reach the Lynchburg Public Library, the Jones Memorial Library, the main bus transfer station, and one of Lynchburg's popular movie theaters, the Visulite Cinema. If you want to do some grocery shopping, a Food Lion is located just a 5-10 minute walk from campus, and a Kroger is located a 10-minute bus ride away.



The Smartway Connector is a new bus-rail shuttle that started a 15-month trial run in July 2011 to connect Blacksburg-Virginia Tech and Roanoke with Amtrak connections in Lynchburg. While making the schedule work for you may take some advance planning and a good alarm clock, once underway users will pay only $4 to ride in air-conditioned , free wifi comfort for each of two segments, Blacksburg to Roanoke and Roanoke to Lynchburg, or Lynchburg to Roanoke and Roanoke to Blacksburg. It might be just the ticket for your friends at Virginia Tech to visit you in Lynchburg, or vice versa.