Organic Garden & Orchard

Organic Garden Chickens and Babies. Picture by Mariah Reed '14

The Organic Garden at Randolph College is a small, beautiful parcel of land located on a hill northeast of the Maier Museum (Google map) that has been developed through the efforts of students, staff, faculty, and members of the Lynchburg community dedicated to the principles and practices of organic gardening such as Permaculture and Indigenous Knowledge (IK). Our hands-on approach to growing crops and raising animals on campus is harmonious with nature and grounded in theoretical study as well as a commitment to community development.

We are guided in all we do by our belief that sustainability is ultimately possible only in a community context, and that the development of community is both a means to and an end result of sustainability.

We welcome you to join us and enjoy what the organic garden may offer you as you contribute your own gifts to its richness. You can reach the Garden Advisor, Ludo, for a tour of the garden or to get more information about the program.

You may also learn more about our garden at these links:


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