A Local Leader

The Randolph College recycling program started several years ago through an initiative of the Sustainability Council. The Council bought more than 100 bins that have been spread out across campus to insure no spaces are left without recycling options. In 2011 the College received a sustainability grant from The Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges to purchase a new recycling center.

Randolph College recycles mixed papers, aluminum and tin cans, corrugated cardboards, glass, and plastics in addition to recycling items such as plastic bags, small electronics, CDs and DVDs, ink cartridges, and CFLs at the campus recycling center.

Each year, the campus saves thousands of dollars in hauling fees thanks to the students, faculty, and staff members who recycle. Intrepid student volunteers take on the additional role of "Bin Divers." They check recycling bins for traces of contamination and trashcans for any missed but easy-to-retrieve recyclables, thereby greatly decreasing the number of recycling bins that end up in the trash due excessive contamination.

The College also brings an EDGAR box from Goodwill to campus every year to make sure no reusable item left by students gets thrown in the trash during move out. Each year, hundreds of pounds of clothing material and other non-breakable items find a new home through the program.

Finally, Randolph is an active participant to RecycleMania. This year, the college finished in the top 20 recycling campuses in the nation and second  out of all colleges and universities in Virginia.