Biggest Team, Longest Season on CampusOrganic Garden Meeting - Picture by Katherine Turner '13

Sustainability is important to Randolph College students; more than ten percent are actively involved in two clubs that have a clear focus on environmental issues and in several other organizations that strive to improve the campus socially and environmentally. A generous number of additional students works on issues of environmental concern as individuals and as members of ad hoc groups.

The Environmental Club is one of the oldest clubs on campus. Over the past few years, its dedicated student members have participated in a variety of activities on and off campus, organizing numerous awareness events and spearheading the creation of many important projects to promote sustainability:

  • Earth Day fundraising concert in 2006, and more recent Earth Week events every year in collaboration with multiple academic departments and the campus' dining services.
  • Student-run ecobusiness enterprises on campus such as The Red Door and HELIOS laundry detergent.
  • Campus Bike Share.
  • Free store.
  • Organic Garden & Orchard.
  • Hiking and camping trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, climbing, and other outdoor opportunities also abound our area.
  • Focus the Nation.
  • Power Shift, as organizers, presenters and attendees.
  • Movie screenings with an environmental focus.
  • Sharing expertise and supplies with a local college establishing an organic garden.

The Food & Justice Club is a newer club but no less involved in campus initiatives. It operates the The Red Door Cafe, and has collaborated closely with the members of the Organic Garden to promote healthy, local, organic food. The club has organized awareness campaigns on campus and runs a popular Organic Garden Market to sell fresh produce, home-baked bread, granola, and other goodies.