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PawPass Terms and Conditions

For Students, Faculty and Staff

Please read the following information carefully. This is your Paw Pass contract.

Your Randolph College Paw Pass is your official Randolph College Identification Card - Because misuse of cards may have a negative impact on both students and the institution in general, students are expected to protect their cards and abide by all terms and conditions associated with the use of the Randolph College Paw Pass. Misuse of your Paw Pass or the attempted use of a Paw Pass by anyone other than the Cardholder will be considered a violation of the Honor Code. Unless your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, this card will be yours to use during your entire enrollment period at the College. Access privileges of your Paw Pass will be deactivated when student, faculty, or staff status is terminated.

Your Randolph College Paw Pass is your Dorm Access and Library Card - You may also use your Paw Pass to make purchases at the Macon Bookshop if you have a Flex Dollars account.

Your Randolph College Paw Pass is your “Flex Dollars” Card - “Flex Dollars” are separate, discretionary funds that can be used to make purchases on campus anywhere the Paw Pass is accepted. You may open a Flex Dollars account or add money to your Flex Dollars balance at any time during the academic year. The minimum amount you can add at one time is $25, and subsequent deposits must be made in $25 increments.

Flex payments can be made in the Dining Services office (first floor Bell Hall) with either cash, check, or credit card; by phone by calling the Dining Services Office at (434) 947-8129.  Flex Dollars may be carried over to subsequent semesters; however, Dining Services will not issue any refunds from this balance until your separation from the College. Upon separation, there will be a $10 administrative fee assessed and any remaining Flex Dollars will be refunded to you upon your request. Flex Dollar accounts are non-interest bearing and non-transferable to another Randolph College Paw Pass account. Funds in accounts remaining dormant for 180 days after separation from the College will become the property of Dining Services. Cardholders are encouraged to spend the balance on the Paw Pass prior to separation from the College.

Your Randolph College Paw Pass is your Dining Card - If you have chosen a Randolph College meal plan option, your “Dining Dollars” are allocated to your Paw Pass based on the meal plan you choose. These funds can be used at the following food service locations on campus—Cheatham Commons Cafe and the Skeller. Once these funds are exhausted in a given semester, no additional Dining Dollars can be added. You may continue to use any available Flex Dollars on your Paw Pass for any food service or other purchases on campus where the Paw Pass is accepted. Any unused Dining Dollars remaining at the end of a given semester are not available for carryover to the next semester. Your Dining Dollars will be replenished each semester based on your meal plan selection.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Paw Passes should be reported immediately to the Randolph College Security Office. You are liable for any unauthorized use of your lost or stolen Paw Pass , and all accounts on it, until the Security Office is notified. Once notified, we will deactivate your Paw Pass , preventing unauthorized usage. Loss of your Paw Pass will result in a $20 replacement fee. If you find a Paw Pass, please return it to the Security Office as soon as possible.

Changes in Terms and Conditions - The College will provide notification via the Portal and the Paw Pass website (www.randolphcollege.edu/PawPass) should there be any changes to the Paw Pass Terms and Conditions stated herein. Prior notice need not be given where an immediate change in terms or conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of our Campus Community, an electronic funds transaction, or the Paw Pass system.

Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties - Dining services will only disclose information to third parties concerning your account or the transactions you make

  1. where it is necessary for completing transactions, or
  2. in order to comply with government subpoena or court order, or
  3. if you give your written permission.

Dining Services will comply with all applicable laws and College policy regarding the use of personal information and stored images.