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The Randolph College Paw Pass

Your student I.D. provides secure access to campus spaces, library services, and your meal plan.

What is the Paw Pass?

photo of PawPass student identification badge and card keyThe Paw Pass is your student ID card that you will want to carry with you wherever you go. Your Paw Pass will allow you dorm and building access on campus, serve as your library card, and provide access to your meal plan. You may also use it to make purchases at all food service locations, selected vending machines, and at the Macon Bookshop.

All enrolled students will be issued a new Paw Pass when they arrive on campus in the fall. Unless your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, this card will be yours to use during your entire enrollment period at the College.

Where is the Paw Pass accepted?

Dining Services:

  • Cheatham Commons Café

  • The Skeller

What are Dining Dollars?

Your "Dining Dollars" are allocated to your Paw Pass based on the meal plan you choose. You will receive either $50 in Dining Dollars per semester with the 19-meal plan, or $125 in Dining Dollars per semester with the 14-meal plan. These funds can be used at The Skeller and in Cheatham Dining Hall. Once these funds are exhausted in a given semester, no additional Dining Dollars can be added. Any unused Dining Dollars remaining at the end of a given semester are not available for carryover to the next semester. Your Dining Dollars will be replenished each semester based on your meal plan selection.

What are Flex Dollars?

Your "Flex Dollars" are separate, discretionary funds on your Paw Pass that can be used to make a purchase in The Skeller or Cheatham Dining Hall. You may add money to your Flex Dollars balance at any time during the academic year. To add Flex Dollars to your card visit the Dining Services Office on the first floor of Bell Hall (M-F 9am-4:30pm) or call 434-947-8129.

First year students may not add Flex Dollars to the Paw Pass until arriving on campus and receiving their activated cards. Flex Dollars may be carried over to subsequent semesters; however, no refunds will be issued from this balance until your separation from the College. Upon separation, there will be a $10 administrative fee assessed and any remaining Flex Dollars will be refunded to you - simply send a written request to the Business Office. Any remaining balance less than $10 will not be refunded.

For further information concerning your Flex Dollars account, contact Anne Buckmaster at 434-947-8129 or via email at buckmaster-anne@aramark.com.

What do I do if my Paw Pass is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately to the Security Office. Loss of your Paw Pass will result in a $20 replacement fee. If you find a Paw Pass badge, please return it to the Security Office as soon as possible.