Fall 2012 Distance Advising and On-line Registration

Registration Information for Students Unable to Attend June Advising Sessions

If you were unable to attend the Summer Advising Sessions this June, never fear! You will have the opportunity to work with an advisor via email, phone, or Skype beginning July 1 through July 15. Registration will close on July 15 and reopen on August 15. You also will have the opportunity to make adjustments or changes to your schedule during Fall Orientation (August 24-28).

Step 1: Review the academic guide: Be sure to start with the First-Year Semester Courses Open to First-Year Students, and then review the course schedule.

Step 2: Be sure you have completed the required academic forms prior to beginning the registration process. When you deposited, you received a letter and an e-mail from our IT Department with instructions and password information on how to access our Randolph Portal. The portal, your access to all campus information provides a one-stop resource for tracking required forms and actions. All your forms are located on the enrollment checklist. You will need to use your USER NAME and PASSWORD to access the portal. Once you enter the Portal, just under the "Alerts" channel in the left column, you will find the checklist entitled, "Enrollment Forms and Requirements." The academic forms can be submitted on-line and include:

•1. Advising information and Course Preference Form (required)

•2. Math Information Form (required)

•3. Riding Questionnaire (only if you plan to ride at Randolph College)

Step 3: Go to the course schedule and begin planning a schedule.

Step 4: Your faculty advisor will email you with general instructions, and you both will schedule a time to discuss your schedule either by email, phone, or Skype. Your advisor will authorize you for registration once you have completed the discussion. Your advisor will not make an appointment with you until you have completed your academic forms!

Step 5: Log in to the College portal and select the PowerCAMPUS Self-Service tab. Use the Cart or Section Search features to select courses and use the Registration feature to register for classes.

Select Cart or Section Search to fill your cart with the classes that you plan to take. Include alternate classes in case your first selection is full. If any classes are full, you have the option of getting on the class waiting list.

Make sure you select the correct period (semester) for which you wish to register, for example 2011 Fall.

Select by Course Code, for example ENGL to see all the English courses.

Select Registration.

Select the period (semester) for which you want to register.

If you do not have access to Registration for the selected period, the reason will display.

If you populated your cart prior to registration, the contents of the cart will be displayed. Otherwise, use the Section Search link to put courses into your cart. If finished, select Proceed to Registration or Registration.

Review your schedule and make sure the Add column is checked next to the courses for which you would like to register. Select Next.

Finalize registration and verify your final schedule. Make sure everything looks okay and select Next.

Your registration is complete and you will get a "Congratulations" message.

It is recommended that you Verify your schedule. Select View Schedule or Classes to make sure that you are registered!

Step 6: Order your books for the fall semester! Now that you have registered for classes, you can check out and order your books on-line at our on-line bookstore.

This year, the College will offer a new service: an on-line bookstore. All of your books (new and used) are available on-line to purchase or rent. You can order your books and have them delivered directly to Randolph. The College will offer a store with College merchandise (apparel, supplies, pennants, etc). All of your books must be ordered via the on-line bookstore or other on-line sources.

The on-line bookstore is open for fall books. As a special bonus, free shipping is available from July 1 through July 15!