Family Ties

Judy Eagle Shelton '98 shares connection to College and her career with two daughters.

Judy Eagle Shelton '98

Judy Eagle Shelton ’98 smiles brightly, clearly enjoying her job hosting the morning radio show with her husband Kenny on 108 WYYD-FM Country. Shelton, who graduated from the College with a communication degree and a teaching certificate, has always loved radio and has passed that passion on to her daughters.

But radio is not the only thing the Shelton family shares. Kayse Shelton ’10 graduated from the College in May with a double major in political science and psychology, and Lauren Shelton ’12 is currently studying studio art.

Shelton could not be happier.

Twelve years ago, she earned her degree after returning to college as an adult student.

“The girls were always on campus with me,” Shelton recalled. “Kenny would meet me down there, and I would bring the girls, and we would have dinner in the cafeteria. We would walk around the campus, and they loved it. So when they chose to go there, I think they just felt right at home.”

Kayse considered other schools during her college search. But as the deadline drew near to commit to a college, the Sheltons made a visit to campus.

“We sat there in those chairs in front of Leggett, and we were just talking,” Judy Shelton said. “And Kayse said ‘This feels right.’ I think that’s how it is for many students. They walk on campus, and it just feels right.”

The characteristics Shelton found at her alma mater remain the same for her daughters.

“Academically, it was rigorous, but you really do feel like you know your professors, and they get to know you,” she said.

Judy Eagle Shelton '98
(Left to Right) Judy Eagle Shelton '98 and daughters Lauren Shelton '12 and Kayse Shelton '10
After graduation, Shelton spent nearly a decade teaching at a local middle school. But she missed radio. So in 2008, she went back on the air. “It’s a dream come true,” Shelton said.

She is pleased her daughters found a home at Randolph College.

Kayse said her professors held students accountable.

“That’s something that I really like about them. And they’re really friendly. I always felt comfortable asking them questions or e-mailing them,” she said.

Lauren knew from her mother and sister that her classes and instructors were going to be challenging.

“As far as the professors and the classes go, it’s what I expected,” she said.

Just like their parents, Kayse and Lauren have been bitten by the radio bug. Kayse works part-time at WYYD while she contemplates law school and charts her own career path. Lauren had her own show last school year on Randolph’s radio station, WWRM, known as The Worm. “I’ll probably do that again [this year],” she said.

Sharing the College’s traditions has given the Shelton women a unique bond. Lauren even served as her sister’s squire at Commencement in May.

“It’s special for me because my mom went there and Kayse went there,” she said.