Love of the Game

Lacrosse players always seem to carry around a stick and a ball for the random moments when it's possible to toss with someone.

Kathleen Moore '94 “Lacrosse is a sport of grace and skill and speed and precision.”
- Kathleen Moore ’94

Kathleen Moore ’94 does not run into many lacrosse players where she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But when she does, she is ready.

“Lacrosse players always seem to carry around a stick and ball for the random moments when it’s possible to toss with someone,” said Moore, who graduated with a degree in biology, and keeps her equipment in the trunk of her car.

Moore’s lifelong love for lacrosse developed at the College, where she learned the game for the first time.

She ran track and played volleyball in high school. Her career as a WildCat started with field hockey—a sport she had not played before—but when she realized that most of her teammates also played lacrosse, she tried her hand at a second new sport.

“It’s a beautiful sport,” said Moore, who is a social worker at Amy Biehl High School in downtown Albuquerque. “It’s a sport of grace and skill and speed and precision. While in some ways hockey was frustrating to me, lacrosse allowed me to run, run fast, and shoot a lot on goal—it was really fun.”

The lessons Moore learned as a new studentathlete in the ’90s are just as relevant for the 2010 WildCats. “Lacrosse was supremely motivating to me—it helped me get to class, work hard, play hard, study hard, and be prepared. I felt healthy, I was in good shape, and I had the support of my team and friends.”

There is still a premium placed on academic performance. “It took serious organization and not putting off assignments,” she said. “I usually did work on the bus when we traveled, although that was sometimes hard because the bus rides were so fun, and there was bonding galore with teammates.”

After graduation, Moore taught biology and coached field hockey and lacrosse at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg. “Lacrosse will always be my first love, and I would have missed out on a great opportunity if I hadn’t given it a try.”