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Profile: Katie Rechnitzer

Katie Rechnitzer '10 Class of: 2010
Hometown: Burke, VA

Senior Paper: A Critical Analysis of Positive Deviance and the Role it Plays Between Sport and Gender

Women's Basketball Team, Student Athlete Mentor (SAM), Active Member of Therapeutic Recreation Services for children and young adults, Fairfax, VA.

What are my passions?

Among many other things, my most cherished passion in life does not stray too far from a main focal point of sociology, which are people.  For years I have been extremely interested in getting involved with the help and aid of the human race from all different backgrounds. While I arrived at college with that interest already active, I can only credit my journey through the sociology department with continuing my growth and dedication to serving people who are less fortunate.

What are my goals/plans?

I hope to land a job in the non-profit world that deals with at-risk children and young teens. I have always felt a passion for helping our youth and by doing that, I know I can make a difference and actually feel as if I am somehow making the world a better place even if it is in the smallest way.

How has sociology shaped me?

Perfection in the human race as a whole is no doubt impossible. However, sociology has not only helped me to open my mind, my eyes and my heart towards all walks of life around me, but it has also taught me that with the help and teamwork of individuals after a common cause or goal, anything is possible.

How will sociology "get me to where I want to go?"

By putting everything together that I have learned and experienced through my participation in sociology, I am confident that I am fully prepared to take on any challenge or obstacle that I will face in the future. Thanks to the sociology department, I am more aware of my every day surroundings and able to accept everything and everyone for what and who they are with no hesitations.