Why We Give

The Class of 1949

Two members of the Class of 1949, Peggy Spigner Lancaster and Phoebe Graham Edwards, inspired their classmates to develop and fund a donor initiative that is unprecedented in the lifetime of the College.

Peggy had the idea that she would fund an endowment to support the Annual Fund in perpetuity. As she shared the idea with classmates, their interest, excitement and commitment grew to the extent that it became a collective effort. During Reunion 2009, Peggy and Phoebe presented the idea at their class meeting and their colleagues voted unanimously to proceed with the creation of an exciting new endowed fund, the Class of 1949 Annual Fund Endowment. In addition to their Reunion class gift of $94,969, the Class of 1949 has now raised over half the amount needed to endow the new fund at $25,000.

During Reunion Weekend, President John Klein announced the Class’ commitment to the initiative, which supports the belief that the ideals and principles upon which Randolph-Macon Woman’s College was created, and the commitment and caring with which those ideals were applied, will ensure that Randolph College has a bright future.

Peggy and Phoebe’s inspiration, and their classmates’ devotion to the College, will ensure that students receive an excellent educational experience for generations to come.