Reason #5 Honor and Integrity

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Randolph College

You will live by Randolph’s century-old Honor System that promotes personal integrity and intellectual honesty.

Randolph College’s honor system dates back to its inception more than 100 years ago. The strong and vibrant student-run Honor System expects students to behave with honesty and integrity at all times, as generations of students have done throughout the history of the College.

The opportunities it provides for personal growth and for developing a broad, internally consistent sense of personal integrity are perhaps the best preparation one receives in college for coping realistically and effectively with a world of rapidly changing ideals and values.

The challenge that the Honor Pledge presents is well worth the conscientious effort required to maintain it. An atmosphere of freedom and trust is the result, as are unproctored tests, pledged work, and self-scheduled exams.