Reason #2 Faculty Interaction

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Randolph College

Great student-faculty interactions will give you the chance to learn and work with outstanding mentors.

The 8-to-1 student-faculty ratio enables close interaction with faculty who are dedicated to students’ success . It also means the chance to get to know faculty personally , to discuss course content in greater detail, and to collaborate with faculty in meaningful research. Small classes allow for great discussions, real debate, and added understanding of course material.

Randolph’s faculty are outstanding. Over 90% of full-time faculty have a doctorate or terminal degree in their field. No classes are taught by teaching assistants. Students have the opportunity to engage and debate with faculty members who have strongly developed world views, and each student will come to realize why having a world view matters.

For students needing help with course content or study skills, Randolph College’s internationally certified tutoring program offers peer tutoring, at no expense, for over 75 courses in addition to writing and general learning strategies.

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