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Protected Dates

Protected Date Policy

Certain events have been designated by the College as high priority because they return the most value for our time and resources invested. This policy protects those events from scheduling conflicts that diminish this value. Consequently, events cannot be scheduled during these dates. Generally, these are dates when annual college events occur which take priority over impromptu events; when staff is unavailable to support events on campus because of peak workload; or when staff is unavailable to support events on campus because of planned downtime, such as College designated holidays.

During designated protected dates, scheduling of events on campus is prohibited for all groups, both College groups and non-College groups. (Organization meetings are permitted).

Designated annual protected dates are outlined below in this policy. Additionally, there may be special College celebrations, commemorative events, or high impact speakers which only occur in one year (i.e., dedication of a new building, alumnae/i speaker), that will be designated as a protected date(s) for that year.  The list of specifics for all protected dates for each academic year is maintained by the Facilities Scheduler.

The exception to this policy is religious events planned and hosted by the Chaplain (i.e. service, mass, vigils). These events may be held during religious holidays. Weddings are not included in this exception.

Annual Protected Dates:

Orientation Week, Convocation, Exam Weeks, Commencement

Fall Visit Days, Open Campus Day, World Wise Leaders Day, Presidential Scholars Weekend, Spring Visit Days (only events that are offered in conjunction with Admissions will be scheduled)

Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break 

Board of Trustees Weekend, Parent’s Weekend

Artists & Scholars Student Symposium, Berlind Symposium, Heick Symposium, Pearl Buck Symposium

Thayer Lecture, Quillian Lecture, Davenport Leadership Lecture


College designated holidays (Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Winter Break, New Year’s Day, Spring Break/President’s Day, and Memorial Day)