Pan World Club

The purpose of the Pan World Club is to promote better understanding and closer relations between international and American students and among students from various national and ethnic groups. Pan World presents entertainment and food from various ethnic cultures with the community at the Pan World Coffeehouses. Pan World Club seeks to improve cultural awareness on campus through discussions, trips, and other cooperative activities.

Pan World Coffeehouse

One of the most popular social events on campus, the Pan World Coffeehouse is a showcase for the College's international students - a chance to share their culture, art, music, dance and experience with their American classmates.

Performance at the Pan World Coffeehouse

The event, held twice a year - once in fall semester and again in the spring, traditionally begins with an international fashion show.  Students model traditional costumes as well as common everyday fashion from their home country.  A talent showcase follows.

" This semester we have a Mongolian dance, Indian dance, music performances and a dance hall dance," said Co-President Anu Thapa.

Participants then partake from a wide variety of international desserts and cookies... and of course, coffee.   An afterparty takes place later in the evening.

Pan World international fashion show

Pan World Coffeehouse international fashion show

Pan World Coffeehouse international fashion show