Student life photos

Residence Halls

Residence hall life is something that every college student should experience. Living in community gives students opportunities to build close relationships as they learn more about themselves and others. Randolph has six traditional-style residence halls, each with its own unique personality.

Bell Hall

Gender: Co-ed
Birthday: 1964
About Me: Bell Hall, home to 120 students was updated in 2012 to include air-conditioning and carpet. Bell offers a traditional college residence hall setting with kitchens available on every floor. It is the closest building to the dining hall, is conveniently located near student parking, and houses one of three laundry rooms on campus.

“Bell was an experience all its own. Each floor had its own personality, but events like Frisbee Golf and Capture the Flag tournaments brought the whole hall together. I enjoyed Bell the most because the small floors allowed for everyone to come together as a family. My floor became a safe-haven for me to come home to at the end of the day.” ---Eden Estrada, ‘11

Main Hall

Gender: Co-ed
Birthday: 1893
About Me: Main Hall, the oldest building on campus is home to 200 students. Main took more than eleven years to complete, and  is now home to offices, classrooms, and the Student Center in addition to residential rooms. Its historic halls are full of life and rooms offer carpet and plenty of overhead storage.

Moore Hall

Gender: Co-Ed
Birthday: 1903
About Me: Moore Hall is traditionally a quieter residence hall, enjoying extended quiet hours. It has one of the three laundry rooms. Students enjoy carpeting in the rooms and less activity in the hallways, allowing for a good study environment. It is located near the Lipscomb Library and Martin Science Building.

"The front steps of Moore are wonderful to sit on in the spring, when the front lawn is green with new life. It makes me happy. I generally liked the amount of natural light in the hallways too. My favorite part of Moore is the TV lounge on first floor. The lounge has so much life and the comfortable couches.” ---Rachel Peters, ‘09

Webb Hall

Gender: Co-ed
Birthday: 1923
About Me: Webb Hall contains the largest laundry room on campus, plus the biggest student kitchen/lounge. Webb overlooks Michels Plaza and fountain and is adjacent to the new Student Center and Skeller.

West Hall

Gender: Co-ed
Birthday: 1906
About Me: West boasts carpet and central air conditioning. The bathrooms are large and connect either side of a floor.

“I lived in West last year. A highlight is that living in West Hall is really convenient! You are less than 2 minutes away from the dining hall, which makes it easy to run downstairs for a meal in between classes or during study breaks. It was also nice to be connected to Main Hall by the trolley, the hallways running between buildings. It kept me out of the rain and snow!” Claudette Jones, ‘10

Wright Hall

Gender: Female only
Birthday: 1909
About Me: Wright Hall is a beautiful five floor building. The hall has hardwood floors and plenty of storage.

“I lived in Wright, and I loved living in the hall. It was smaller, and the intimate space allowed for close-knit relationships between hall mates. The rooms had hardwood floors that made them more cozy, like a real bedroom, instead of a typical “dorm.” Wright Hall also had an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.” ---Aisha Smith, ‘11