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Information for Faculty & Staff

While the Counseling Center primarily serves students, we are a resource for Randolph College faculty and staff. We may be of assistance to you in the following ways: 

  • Consultation
    Counselors are available for consultation, as you work with students who are challenging or are in distress—just call the receptionist to be connected with one of the staff.
    Helping Students in Distress  
    Identifying Potentially Dangerous Students
  • Community Counseling Referrals
    Reminder: you are eligible to receive services at no cost from Employee Assistance of Central Virginia at (434) 845-1246 or (800) 645-1246.
    Or call one of us for confidential help to find an appropriate referral in the community for you or a family member.
  • Education/Training
    We can provide education or training on mental health issues, stress management, suicide prevention training etc.
  • Collaboration/Referrals
    Students benefit greatly from your support, and you can be influential to help them access services: make the referral suggestion … provide our phone number …offer to help make the call … walk them to the office (in case of emergency). Feel free to provide information to us by phone (confidentiality laws will likely preclude us from providing information back, but we are always able to hear information). Be supportive, but know your limits!