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Telephone Services

Phone Manuals

Phone numbers at Randolph College

  • The last four digits of any number can be called from any phone on campus
  • To call the switchboard from a cell or any phone off campus the number is (434) 947-8000
  • All other extensions beginning with 80XX will have a 485 exchange to call from a cell phone or off campus, e.g. (434) 485-80XX
  • All other 8XXX extensions will have a 947 exchange to call from a cell or off campus, e.g. (434) 947-8XXX
  • Extensions that begin with 5 or 1 will use the exchange 455, e.g. (434) 455-5XXX or 1XXX
  • Extensions beginning with 4 cannot be called from off campus, you must call the switchboard and have them transfer you to the extension you need.
  • Press 7 to make outside calls

Transferring a Call to Voicemail
To route all calls immediately to voicemail (without first ringing on your phone):

  • Press CFwdALL then press "*" key and then YOUR extension.

Forwarding Calls
To forward your calls to another campus phone, cell phone, or any phone off campus:

  • Press the CFwdALL button on your phone
  • Enter the number you want to forward your calls to
  • To cancel, press CFwdALL
  • If the number is an off-campus number put a 7 before the number


Voicemail FAQ

Voicemail can be checked using the phone, but it's also delivered via your campus e-mail.

To access via phone: Staff and Faculty call 8700

  • If you are calling from your own phone, call 8700. You will be prompted for your password. The default password for new faculty and staff is 123456. You can change your password after your voicemail is set up. If you have problems with the password, please call Telephone Services at 434-947-8371.
  • After logging in, follow the prompts to set up a voicemail greeting. This can be found under Set Up options, #4.
  • To check voicemail after it is set up, call 8700 and enter your password. Follow the prompts to listen to messages.
  • If you want to check voicemail from off campus, call 947-8700. When the recording begins, press the star key (*). You will be prompted for your ID, which is your extension number, and then your password. Follow the prompts.
  • If you want to check from voicemail from another phone on campus, call 8700 and follow same the procedures for off campus voicemail checking.
  • If you delete your voicemail using e-mail, it will also be deleted from your phone and vice versa.
  • After listening to voicemails on your computer if you do not delete the voicemail message it will go in saved messages.  Those messages scan add up and eventually cause your voicemail count to go up and you may not be able to receive voicemails.  Please be sure to delete voicemails out of your inbox if there is no need to keep them.   

If you forget your password or have any questions, please call Telephone Services at x8371.