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Software and Tools


Randolph College has teamed up with Apple to offer iTunes on Campus. This is the legal way to share music.

Download iTunes for Windows | Download iTunes for Macintosh

Paw Pass

The Paw Pass is your student ID card that you will want to carry with you wherever you go. Your Paw Pass will allow access to your residence hall and other building on campus, serve as your library card, and provide access to your meal plan. You may also use it to make purchases at all food service locations, selected vending machines, at multiple off campus merchants, and at the Macon Bookshop.

All enrolled students will be issued a new Paw Pass when they arrive on campus in the fall. Unless your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, this card will be yours to use during your entire enrollment period at the College.

For more information on Randolph College's Paw Pass, please visit this page.


Randolph College offers students, faculty, and staff the use of the college portal. Titled "My Randolph College", this portal is accessible at

The portal offers members of the Randolph College community a customizable electronic interface to a host of campus resources. Users will find time-sensitive alerts and announcements, scheduled events, dining hall menus, classifieds, relevant links, as well as access to IQ Web, human resources forms, and many other features formerly available on the College's intranet.

Moodle/Course Management

All the current courses offered at Randolph College are loaded in Moodle through the portal. Both students and faculty will find course descriptions, class information, syllabi, and much more. Moodle has a standard layout that makes it easy for you to find what you need quickly.

Power Campus Self Service

Power Campus Self Service is a system which allows students the ability to register online for classes, request transcripts, view grades, check account balances, and much more. Power Campus Self Service can be accessed through the portal and is very handy for finding your personal academic information.