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Traditions Held Sacred

Jared Perminter '11

Jared Perminter photo “Students at Randolph have a sense of integrity that allows the Honor Code to be upheld. I've spoken with friends at other colleges who have had very different experiences. In life, there won't be anyone watching over our shoulders.”
— Jared Perminter ’11

It WAS hard to believe that someone who had yet to experience a MacDoodle Day or participate in an Even and Odd Rivalry could have a true appreciation for Randolph-Macon Woman’s College traditions. It was even harder to believe if the student were a male.

Meet first-year Jared Perminter.

Jared’s high school marketing teacher introduced him to Randolph, and like many other students, all it took to seal the deal for Jared was a visit to the campus. He was most impressed by the sense of community, small class sizes, and the College’s Honor Code.

“Students at Randolph have a sense of integrity that allows the Honor Code to be upheld. I’ve spoken with friends at other colleges who have had very different experiences,” says Perminter. “In life, there won’t be anyone watching over our shoulders.”

Jared’s appreciation for the Honor Code and dedication to high standards of conduct may be among the reasons he was selected to sit on the Social Violations Hearing Board. Composed of two students from each of the four classes, the Social Violations Hearing Board hears cases of alleged violations of College policy and community standards.

Although Jared is the only male on the Social Violations Hearing Board, he says he is at ease with being in the minority. “I have never felt uncomfortable being among the first males,” says Perminter. “Initially, I could feel some tension on campus, but I almost immediately felt accepted as part of the Randolph community.”

Lines of communication were opened for Jared through the Public Conversations Project, a two-day session that allowed members of the College to get together and talk about trust and the importance of community. “Coming together and hearing upperclasswomen’s perspective helped me to understand where they were coming from and how much they loved their school,” Perminter recalls.

Jared now shares the love for Randolph College, his strong feelings for the College growing with each passing month. “I feel like I am getting such a quality education.” says Perminter. “Every time I go home for a break, I can’t wait to get back.”

Jared’s goal for the future is to become a lawyer, practicing family law and focusing on child advocacy. In the meantime, Jared is focusing on taking advantage of everything that Randolph College has to offer.

“There are so many things here that are preparing me to be a success in the future—the ability to have close relationships with professors and the availability of support services such as tutors and the Writing Lab,” says Perminter.

Jared is also seeking opportunities to develop his leadership skills. In addition to serving on the Social Violations Hearing Board, he has been selected to serve as resident advisor and has been elected secretary of his class next year.

It becomes clear when talking to Jared Perminter that his thoughtful and insightful approach to life will allow him to accomplish significant goals he sets for himself. One of the most important things he would like to accomplish during his time at Randolph is to help maintain the strong traditions of the College.

Jared says, “Every year that I am here, I can uphold the Honor Code and inform others of the traditions in order to keep them alive. My hope for the future of the College is to have people feel as comfortable at Randolph as they did at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.”