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Transfer Credit Approval

Procedures for approval of transfer credit (TCA form)

  • Click here for the TCA Form
  • Read carefully the policy statement concerning the transfer of credit in the Academic Catalog under Academic Procedures & Regulations.
  • Obtain the signature of your faculty advisor. Take for reference a copy of the summer school bulletin or school catalog containing course descriptions. If you are planning a full-year stay at another institution you should file two forms, one for each term.
  • Indicate in the “Randolph Requirements Fulfilled” box the major or minor department requirement or the General Education Program requirement (e.g. II A 1, III B 3) or if elective, state elective. Obtain the initials of the chair of the department concerned to confirm approval.
  • Attach to the form a copy of the course description for each course listed. No action will be taken unless course descriptions accompany the form when submitted for review to your faculty advisor and the Registrar.
  • If, for admission purposes, the host institution requires Randolph to provide a statement of academic standing and/or permission to take approved courses, request that information as needed. If the host institution requires an official transcript for admission purposes, you must complete a transcript request form available in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Make sure you understand the unit of credit granted by the host institution and how this equates to semester hours if a different system is used.
  • Following initial entry, an undergraduate student may transfer a maximum of 18 semester hours of credit earned in summer school, through part-time off-campus study, and through online course work toward the Randolph College degree requirements (modern language courses must have an acceptable oral/aural component).
  • 56 semester hours of courses must be completed in residence at Randolph College. The required resident hours must include the work of the senior year except for dual degree programs. Fifteen hours of the courses in the major, including the equivalent of the senior program, must be completed in residence at Randolph College. Also, six hours of the courses in any minor must be completed in residence at Randolph College. With the support of the major or minor department, students may appeal to the Board of Review for exceptions to the major or minor residency requirements.
  • Return the form with all signatures and attachments to the Office of the Registrar. You will be notified of any problems or concerns relative to the granting of credit.

  • Make arrangements with the host institution to have an official transcript of the course work mailed directly to the Randolph College Office of the Registrar at 2500 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia, 24503 immediately following the close of the term of study.