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General Transfer Policies

Transfer of Credit

Work done at another institution will be given credit at Randolph College provided the course work represents collegiate course work relevant to the liberal arts degree program of study, with course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies at least equivalent to those of students enrolled in Randolph College’s own undergraduate degree program.

In assessing and documenting equivalent learning and qualified faculty, the College may use recognized guides which aid in the evaluation for credit. Such guides include those published by the American Council on Education, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, and the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs.

In order to be acceptable for transfer, a course does not necessarily need to duplicate exactly a course offered at Randolph College; however, approval is based on the appropriateness of the course to a liberal arts degree program of study. The student who is transferring credits to Randolph College is responsible for having an official transcript of work mailed to the Registrar as promptly as possible.

Current students interested in pursuing summer school course work or other off-campus work should note the following in selecting courses and assessing credit potential. Each course taken needs to be approved in advance by the student’s faculty advisor(s) and by the Registrar. Approval is obtained by completing a Transfer of Credit Approval Form available in the Registrar’s Office. A course not approved in advance may or may not be approved.

Following initial entry, an undergraduate student may transfer a maximum of 18 semester hours of credit earned in summer school, through part-time off-campus study, and through online course work toward the Randolph College degree requirements (modern language courses must have an acceptable oral/aural component).

Please read major and minor requirements carefully before taking a course off-campus as some require a minimum number of hours at Randolph College. It is also preferable for a student to take the basic courses in the department in which the student plans to major at Randolph College.

Courses taken to fulfill General Education Program, major, or minor requirements require special approval which must be noted on the Transfer of Credit Approval Form .

General Transfer of Credit Policies

  • Each course selected for transfer must not duplicate a course already completed or a course to be taken at Randolph College.
  • A grade in the C range or better must be earned in each course considered for transfer to Randolph College.
  • No credit will be granted for courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • At the undergraduate level, a maximum of 68 semester hours may be transferred toward Randolph College requirements. Prime Time students may petition for an additional 16 semester hours of credit after completion of 12 semester hours of course work at Randolph College. Prime Time Student Petition Forms are available on the Registrar’s Office Web site.
  • At the graduate level, a maximum of 6 semester hours may be transferred to Randolph College.
  • Not more than 12 semester hours of credit in social work or photography courses will transfer.

No grade earned elsewhere will be recorded on the Randolph College transcript nor will the hours of credit and grades earned be included in computing the academic average, with the exception of grades earned at certain institutions with which Randolph College has affiliations:

Domestic Study Programs

  • the Marine Biological Laboratory Semester in Environmental Science,
  • the Seven-College Exchange Program (except programs abroad sponsored by these institutions where courses are not taught by members of the faculty),
  • the Tri-College Consortium,
  • Washington Semester Programs,
  • Dual Degree Programs; and

Study Abroad Programs

  • College Year in Athens Program,
  • Centre Internationale d’Etudes Françaises (CIDEF),
  • Denmark International Study Program (DIS),
  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies,
  • the Universidad de las Américas, and
  • the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Students should note that in evaluating a student’s record for graduation honors, grades and credit from all courses entered on the Randolph College transcript from other institutions are considered.