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Waitlist Process

Automatic Waitlist Process for Online Registration

  • When a class reaches its maximum enrollment, the student gets the option to be put on the class waitlist.
  • During the initial registration when the waitlist option is offered to a student, the student must respond to the waitlist question and then return to register for the rest of their classes. Note: Students need to be careful and confirm that they are register!
  • When a space becomes available in the class, the student - with the highest class level followed by earliest date/time put on the waitlist - will receive an email giving them the option to add the class. The course will be moved to the student's Course Cart.
  • The student has 24 hours to add the class. If the student does not add the class by the end of this time, the space will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. If a student places themselves on a waitlist then it is recommended that they check their email at least twice a day everyday!
  • The instructor can see who is on a class waitlist by selecting the class list menu item on the Faculty tab off the portal. Once the classlist is accessed look for a tab titled Waitlist. The students are shown in the order they are eligible for any available spaces in the class.

- 4/9/2014