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Service Learning in St. Lucia

International Study Seminars provide unique opportunities for travel and study abroad

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photo of student participants in the ISS St Lucia tripRandolph College students will spend four weeks in St. Lucia as part of a unique service learning opportunity that will allow them to work alongside the people of St. Lucia to address needs on the island, one of the Caribbean’s Windward Islands.

The Caribbean trip includes an on-site service learning component that focuses on the relationship between the politics and economics of sustainable development and voluntary activities.

The trip is one of the College’s International Study Seminars. These seminars, led by faculty, take students to countries around the globe to address topics across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Randolph students will join students from nearby Lynchburg College to explore the concept of development in the unique context of the Caribbean, through direct participation in service learning projects students will carry out on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

“This trip to St. Lucia best demonstrates what our college emphasizes: taking your knowledge outside the classroom into the wider world, learning by doing, and a priority for service by collaborating with others,” said Brad Bullock, the Randolph sociology professor leading the service learning opportunity. Bullock specializes in the Caribbean.

After a week of intensive study about St. Lucia and its international context, students will embark on several service projects that address particular needs identified by people in St. Lucia.

Rather than doing work for others, the students will work side-by-side with the people they meet. Students are scheduled to tutor a class of grade three boys to address reading and math deficiencies, finally taking them on a beach clean-up day and picnic that will include some water time.

Other projects involve pitching in to restore a community center, planning a “poetry slam” style event with young people in a poor fishing village, building with their families a playground for pre-schoolers who currently have no safe place to play, and cooperating with girls from troubled backgrounds to create a new garden.

“Our students themselves represent the diversity we enjoy at Randolph — half of them are international students and the group represents various ethnicities,” Bullock said. “I’m also constantly amazed at their creativity. We intentionally placed them in the lead with constructing the activities we are doing with the St. Lucian students and what they have designed is not just ingenious, but takes into account all that they have learned about the Caribbean and St. Lucia in its full historical and international context. They are well prepared to make a real and positive difference on this study abroad opportunity. It’s going to be brilliant.”

The group of students will also be maintaining a blog during their travels. Read more about their adventures and discoveries at: