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This page provides an overview of the cuuriculum within the department. Consult the Randolph College Academic Catalog for the most up-to-date degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

Core Program
BIOL 100-level lecture and BIOL 100LR 4
BIOL 201-201L Zoology and Lab 4
BIOL 202-202L Botany and Lab 4
BIOL 203-203L Physiology and Lab 4
BIOL 204-204L Intro Genetics/Molecular Biology and Lab 4
Four 300-level Biology courses (at least two with labs) 14
Senior Program 1
BIOL 495 Senior Program 3
Total for B.A. Degree in Biology 37
Additionally for B.S.
CHEM 105-105L,106-106L General Chemistry and Lab 8
CHEM 205-205L,206-206L Organic Chemistry and Lab 8
MATH 149R or MATH 150R Calculus I or II 3
Either of the following: 8
PHYS 105-105L,106-106L Introductory Physics and Lab
PHYS 115-115L,116-116L General Physics and Lab
Total for B.S. Degree in Biology 64
1 The Senior Program also includes achieving a satisfactory score on the Major Field Achievement Test in biology. This test is normally taken second semester of the student’s senior year.  
Biology Minor
Courses Course Title Credit Hours
Four 200- or 300-level Biology courses, at least three of which must have accompanying labs 15
Total for Minor in Biology 15
* Twelve hours of the biology minor must be completed at Randolph College.