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Chemistry Department Research

The Chemistry Department has a strong capstone experience in which all students complete an extended independent research project in their senior year. Many students have proposed and designed their own projects while others have integrated their research in the longer term projects of the chemistry faculty, described here.

William Bare has conducted research on the photophysics of luminescent transition metal complexes and their application as chemical probes. His current research is in the field of environmental chemistry, where he and his students have been investigating analytical techniques for evaluating the potential health risks of lead-contaminated soils, as well as novel remediation techniques for removing lead from soil in residential sites. [more]

Ann Fabirkiewicz’s area of expertise is biochemistry and nutrition. In recent years, Professor Fabirkiewicz has supervised student projects investigating the antioxidant capacity of cocoa and related food products.

Bill Mattson’s research background is in spectroscopy and instrument design. He has published papers on analytical chemistry in areas including mass spectroscopy, the method of standard additions, and acid/base indicators. Recent student projects in his lab have focused on modifications to the sample compartments of IR and UV-vis spectrophotometers.