Randolph WildCat Women's Tennis

Facility Upgrades (Summer 2008)

Physical Education and Recreation (PER) Building

Pool Renovations

  • Replacement of filter line
  • Installation of new filter system
  • Installation of temperature sensors and temperature control pad
  • Removal of diving board and existing starting blocks
  • Installation of new removable starting blocks in the deep end of the pool 
  • Installation of ADA lift for pool access 

Locker Room Renovations

  • Installation of new lockers
  • Construction of new corridor for access to the dance studio, dance classroom, and dance offices
  • Construction of new handicap accessible locker room
  • Reconfiguration of faculty/staff locker rooms
  • Installation of new lighting and ventilation

Team Room Renovations

  • Installation of new flooring and LCD projector in women's team room
  • Conversion of current classroom to a men's team room

Training Room Renovations

  • Installation of new technology for classroom use (wall-mounted monitor, computer)

Dance Studio Renovations

  • Installation of new lighting in classroom
  • Construction of new enclosed storage space above the studio