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A Life-Long Learner Gives Back

Anne Roberts McKenna ’74 is proof that the liberal arts prepares you for life.

Ann Eutsler Coulter ’71 (foreground) and Anne Roberts McKenna ’74

Ann Eutsler Coulter ’71 (foreground)
and Anne Roberts McKenna ’74

Anne Roberts McKenna ’74 is a life-long learner.

Since graduation, the Lynchburg native has spent much of her adult life in various fields of education. Teaching. Developing literacy programs. Church administration.

Several years ago, she returned again to her alma mater as a student.

This time she decided she really wanted to improve her musical knowledge and she credits her friend and College instructor in music Ann Eutsler Coulter ’71 for giving her the courage to audit classes in the music department.

Returning to the classroom reinforced Anne’s long-held belief that "…a liberal arts education prepares you for life. It gives you a set of attitudes, not just a set of defined skills for one particular job."

Anne used that "set of attitudes" in understanding the College’s new direction as a coed institution. She comes from a long line of family members who are R-MWC alumnae. Yet, her own personal experience includes her daughter who chose a coed institution. While acknowledging the difficulty of the coed change for many alumnae, she believes that "…any institution that is going to be viable must meet the needs of current and prospective students." And she says, "I’d like to be part of the solution"

I think there are great things going on at the College. I’ll continue to support the College as much as I can. Last year I upped my annual fund giving. Now is the time for all good women (and soon to be men) to help the College prepare the next generation of women and men to be life-long learners.
 — Anne Roberts McKenna ’74