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Ann Fabirkiewicz

Professor of Chemistry

Ann FabirkiewiczI knew I wanted to be an organic chemist in high school and that I wanted to teach it at the college level when I was a sophomore at the University of Michigan, so I'm pretty sure I've found my dream job! I also get to teach Biochemistry, a course in nutrition and Topics in Organic Chemistry. My current research interests involve the study of various techniques to quantify antioxidants in the lab, and the investigation of tyrosinase enzyme kinetics.

I advise students interested in the health professions and really enjoy helping students both sort out their interests in the many fields available and help them work through the admissions prerequisites and required paperwork.

When I'm not at my office, my husband and I can often be found on the sidelines of my son's Little League or basketball games. My hobbies are reading, sewing and crocheting.