The Legacy

Mary Lloyd '01 comes from a long line of alumnae and soldiers.

Capt. Mary Lloyd '01Mary Lloyd ’01 knows what it means to be part of a tradition. A true R-MWC legacy, she was the fourth member of her family to graduate from the College. “I think my parents got a pink mini college application when I was born,” says Lloyd.

Just as R-MWC was in her blood, so was the military— despite her attempt to deny it. “As military brats, my best friend and I swore that we would never join the military,” she says. “We both ended up in at the same time!”

Lloyd followed in the footsteps of her grandfather and parents and joined the military upon graduating from R-MWC in May 2001.

She did shy away somewhat from the military path of her parents—both Army Judge Advocate Generals, commonly known as JAGs—and joined the United States Air Force instead of the Army. “My grandfather flew the P51 Mustang in World War II, so I always though it would be a great way to honor him,” says Lloyd.

A four-year member of the WildCat soccer team, Lloyd played in 70 games while compiling nine goals and 19 points. She has many fond memories of her time as a student-athlete, including one experience she’ll never forget. “Our head coach left the heat on full blast in the WildCat bus and a soccer ball blew up!”

On a more serious note, Lloyd realizes the positive impact that playing collegiate soccer has had on her life. “I think when you put a group of people together for extended periods of time under pressure, you learn a lot about yourself and others,” she says. “While the military is much different from R-MWC, I grew so much during my time there, especially as a student athlete. Those experiences helped shape the person who I am today and the choices I make.”

With both parents in the Army, Lloyd grew up all over the world. She has lived everywhere from Heidelberg , Germany , to Seoul , Korea . She started playing sports at a young age. “Playing on a team is a great way to make friends, especially when you move every couple of years,” she says.

After graduating from R-MWC with a degree in psychology, Lloyd joined the Air Force and was on active duty for four years. She was stationed in both Dover , Delaware , and Cambridge , England , where she served as a security forces officer with a specialty in anti-terrorism. Her duties included leading and managing security operations and protecting personnel priority resources. At the conclusion of her Air Force stint last year, she earned her master’s degree in forensic psychology from Marymount University in May 2007.

Lloyd is currently in Iraq , serving a six-month tour of duty that will end in mid-January. As an anti-terrorism officer, Lloyd explained that she develops threat assessments and provides guidance on vulnerability and deterrence capability. Upon her return from active duty, she will be taking over as the Security Forces Commander at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.  

Eventually, Lloyd would like to work for the State Department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation and possibly start a new family tradition—one for future generations of her family to follow.