Alumnae Admissions Representatives

What's an AAR? Alumnae Admissions Representatives (AARs) are volunteers who help the College recruit students in a number of ways. Not an AAR? You should be! It's fun to represent the College. New to an area? Here's how to meet great students and their families and other alumnae. If you'd like to learn more about our Alumnae Admissions Program, e-mail Jen Godley Brestel '93 or call 434-947-8102. 

BUT, you don't have to be an AAR to help the College recruit students. There are lots of ways you can contribute.

How EVERYONE Can Help Recruit Students:

  • Send referrals for prospective students to the Admissions Office (year-round).
  • Attend a College Fair on behalf of the College. Find out about College Fairs in your area and ask the high school to send the College an invitation (fall-spring).
  • Contact applicants or their parents to congratulate them on their acceptance to Randolph College (winter-spring).
  • Work with the Admissions Office to host a prospective student or admitted student gathering in your area.

How EVERYONE Can Help Retain Students:

  • Help us retain our current students with e-mails, birthday cards, exam treats, and special attention to the first-year students (year-round).
  • Become a mentor. Share your R-MWC experience with a current student. Be a source of encouragement!
  • Participate in the Career Network .

Helpful Information for AARs and other Alumnae Volunteers:

  • Use this form when reporting your contacts with prospective students.

Represent Randolph at a College Fair
Take a look at the list of college fairs below and see if there is one you would like to attend in your area. The College will provide recruitment and setup materials shipped directly to you via UPS. Information about the fair is provided with the materials (i.e. directions, contact person, and cloth table banner, and an "At a Glance" facts sheet about the College).

E-mail Jen Godley Brestel '93 or call 434-947-8102 to get started!

If you have questions that are not covered on this Web site, e-mail Jen Godley Brestel '93, or call 434-947-8102.