Information for Employers

Why Should I Sponsor Job Shadow Experiences?

H elp current students to be more informed as they make major decisions.

E xpand your network of future professionals in your field.

L ead. Become a leader and show students what it takes and how to succeed.

P romote your organization and the overall industry. Current students make great future employees or colleagues.

Employer Expectations

As an Employer Site Sponsor, you must:

  • Complete the Information Sheet to post the job shadowing opportunity.
  • Accept/Decline the applicants.
  • Schedule a time and decide upon the length of the experience in collaboration with the student. It may be as short as one day but no longer than a week. (The student is responsible for making first contact.)
  • Provide an orientation of your organization and facilities to the student. This typically includes a tour.
  • Allow the student to observe your daily routine and attend meetings with you (if possible).
  • Participate in an informational interview with the extern. She will be prepared with the questions.
  • Arrange for the student to see other departments, if possible; this is especially beneficial to students.
  • Submit an evaluation of the experience to the ELC.

Become an Employer Site Sponsor

1-2-3 It is that simple!